Written & Directed by Mark Gatiss

With Can Do Productions

Starring: Peter Capaldi, Wilf Scolding, Simon Williams, Sara Crowe, James Holmes, Fisayo Akinade and Elliot Levey

Broadcaster: BBC4

1 x 30min Drama

Viewing figures: 1.4m (6.7%), BBC4’s joint-highest consolidated show of 2019.

Martin's Close - Pick of the Day ***** – Mail on Sunday

Martin's Close - The Times Review **** - The Times

Martin's Close - Pick of the Day - Guardian

Written & Directed by Mark Gatiss

With Can Do Productions

Starring: Simon Callow, Anjli Mohindra, Susan Penhaligon,  Joshua Oakes-Rogers.

Broadcaster: BBC4

1 x 30min Drama

Viewing Figures: 922,000 (4.4%), BBC4's  second-highest rated original commission of 2018.

'The Dead Room' is the queer ghostly love story we've all been hankering for this Christmas. - Independent

One to watch on Christmas Eve - Radio Times


12 hidden gems of Christmas TV  - Digital Spy

In Development

The Murder of Daniel Strauss 


Current Status - In development with Red Arrow


6 x 60mins TV Drama Series - Returning

Writer: Chris Lunt


Strauss is a contemporary thriller with a shocking twist - all based on a true story.




Current Status - In development with eOne & WGBH


5 x 60mins TV Drama Mini Series

Writer: Emma Donoghue

A story of struggle, survival and determination against every adversary. 

Room writer crosses into TV with Bronte drama - Broadcast



Current Status - In development & lead actor attached


6 x 60mins TV Drama Comedy Series - Returning

Writer: Kevin Lehane


In his day SIS Intelligence Officer Phillip Royce was a ruthless operative. In 2016 he's a 50-something, hard-drinking, debt-ridden, womanizing has-been hero with aches and pains. Abruptly dismissed by MI6, Royce has drifted through a meaningless, anonymous existence. Until he is called upon to join a clandestine unit to uncover a plot that threatens UK security.




Current Status - In development & lead actor attached


6 x 60min TV Drama Comedy Series - Returning

Writer: Colin Bateman


Adorable Media is developing for TV the best selling books by COLIN BATEMAN, Dan Starkey is a private investigator struggling to make a success of his business and to make sense of his tangled love life in a modern and dynamic Belfast - which appears peaceful but retains a dangerous under belly.   


Colin Bateman also created and wrote the long-running BBC series ‘Murphy’s Law’ starring Jimmy Nesbitt.

Get Happy


Current Staus - Extensive treatment with sample scenes


8 x 30mins Romantic Comedy Series - Returning

Writer: Suzie Smith


We join six friends who are at the crunch time in their lives as they step over the border from carefree students to smell-the-coffee adults.



Current Status - In development 

6 x 60mins TV Thriller Drama Returning Series

Writer: Fiona Doyle


Caroline is a top-class, high-flying criminal lawyer working on a very sensitive case. What she uncovers while working on this case will eventually come back at her in devastating ways, and change her life forever.

Laurie & George


Current Status - In development, Pilot script 

6/8 x 30mins TV Comedy Drama, Returning Series

Writer: Regina Moriaty


A mother and son are trying to make their way in the world despite life's adversities. Witty, wry and warm with a little bite of realism wrapped up in charm. 

The Harbourmaster


Current Status - In development, talent attached.

6/8 x 30mins TV Comedy Returning Series

Writer: Adam Larter & Ben Alborough


A surreal comedy about an old salty dog Harbourmaster and a young police woman solving crimes in a seaside town. 


Other Projects in Development....


Adorable Media are working with writers from the UK & US, who have a wealth of experience in TV, feature film and stage, developing a slate of projects in drama and comedy for the UK domestic and International market. 

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