Written & Directed by Mark Gatiss

Starring: Peter Capaldi, Wilf Scolding, Simon Williams, Sara Crowe, James Holmes, Fisayo Akinade and Elliot Levey

Broadcaster: BBC4

1 x 30min Drama

Viewing figures: 1.4m (6.7%), BBC4’s joint-highest consolidated show of 2019.

Martin's Close - Pick of the Day ***** – Mail on Sunday

Martin's Close - The Times Review **** - The Times

Martin's Close - Pick of the Day - Guardian

A Can Do & Adorable Media Production

Written & Directed by Mark Gatiss

Starring: Simon Callow, Anjli Mohindra, Susan Penhaligon,  Joshua Oakes-Rogers.

Broadcaster: BBC4

1 x 30min Drama

Viewing Figures: 922,000 (4.4%), BBC4's  second-highest rated original commission of 2018.

'The Dead Room' is the queer ghostly love story we've all been hankering for this Christmas. - Independent

One to watch on Christmas Eve - Radio Times


12 hidden gems of Christmas TV  - Digital Spy

A Can Do & Adorable Media Production

In Development



Current Status - In development with eOne & WGBH


3/4 x 60mins TV Drama Mini Series

A story of struggle, survival and determination against every adversary. 

Room writer crosses into TV with Bronte drama - Broadcast

The Ghosts


Current Status - In development with SKY


2 x 60mins Comedy Drama Event TV for the Family

Writer: Attached


When Lucy sat in the attic, she thought she heard the sound of voices calling... That's when she started to believe the rumors in the village that the old house was haunted. 


The Murder of Daniel Strauss 


Current Status - In development with Red Arrow


6 x 60mins TV Drama Series - Returning

Writer: Chris Lunt


Strauss is a contemporary thriller with a shocking twist - all based on a true story.


The Harbourmaster


Current Status - In development Channel 4, talent attached.


6/8 x 30mins TV Comedy Returning Series

Writers: Adam Larter & Ben Alborough


A surreal comedy about an old salty dog Harbourmaster and a young police woman solving crimes in a seaside town. 



Current Status - In development 

(Co-production with Samson Fims, Ireland)


3/4 x 60mins TV Thriller Drama Returning Series

Writer: Fiona Doyle


Caroline is a top-class, high-flying criminal lawyer working on a very sensitive case. What she uncovers while working on this case will eventually come back at her in devastating ways, and change her life forever.

Laurie & George


Current Status - In development, Pilot script 


6/8 x 30mins TV Comedy Drama, Returning Series

Writer: Regina Moriaty


A mother and son are trying to make their way in the world despite life's adversities. Witty, wry and warm with a little bite of realism wrapped up in charm. 



Current Status - In development & lead actor attached


6 x 60mins TV Drama Comedy Series - Returning

Writer: Kevin Lehane


In his day SIS Intelligence Officer Phillip Royce was a ruthless operative. In 2016 he's a 50-something, hard-drinking, debt-ridden, womanizing has-been hero with aches and pains. Abruptly dismissed by MI6, Royce has drifted through a meaningless, anonymous existence. Until he is called upon to join a clandestine unit to uncover a plot that threatens UK security.



(based on SVT format)

Current Status - In development, Pitch doc. 


6 x 30mins Comedy Series - Returning

Writer: Regina Moriarty


Single mum Nell is going back to dating having just turned 40, whilst juggling being a mum, and running a small independent business. 


No longer the easy game of getting smashed on cider, and snog the nearest person to you. Now you have to write an interesting profile, take sexy pictures and meet people in daylight. 

Get Happy


Current Staus - Extensive treatment with sample scenes


8 x 30mins Romantic Comedy Series - Returning

Writer: Suzie Smith


We join six friends who are at the crunch time in their lives as they step over the border from carefree students to smell-the-coffee adults.



Current Status - In development & lead actor attached


6 x 60min TV Drama Comedy Series - Returning

Writer: Colin Bateman


Adorable Media is developing for TV the best selling books by COLIN BATEMAN, Dan Starkey is a private investigator struggling to make a success of his business and to make sense of his tangled love life in a modern and dynamic Belfast - which appears peaceful but retains a dangerous under belly.   


Colin Bateman also created and wrote the long-running BBC series ‘Murphy’s Law’ starring Jimmy Nesbitt.


Other Projects in Development....


Adorable Media are working with writers from the UK & US, who have a wealth of experience in TV, feature film and stage, developing a slate of projects in drama and comedy for the UK domestic and International market.